Week 2014.29 (July 20-26) ~ Why we listen to the Earth

Notwithstanding the unfolding disasters in Ukraine and the Mideast, it was another relatively quiet week here on planet Earth. These geologically benign periods often leave me wondering: is the next Big One just around the corner? Major faults along the west coast of the United States (in California and off the coasts of Oregon and Washington) are long overdue for another great earthquake. The east coast of the United States has been curiously quiet since its last great quake, in 1755, just off the coast of Massachusetts; were such an event to reoccur today, greater Boston would suffer catastrophic losses. And the New Madrid fault zone of southeastern Missouri, which in 1811-12 yielded a devastating series of earthquakes — among the largest on record in North America — continues to simmer with seismic activity. A recurrence in that area is probable, but unpredictable.
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