Week 2014.50 (December 14-20)


Where were you at 4:30pm EST on Sunday, December 14? If you were anywhere in North America, your body was briefly tossed up and down a minuscule amount by a man-made earthquake that occurred in the fracking fields of Oklahoma. Earthquakes from this region of the continent were once a rarity; thanks to the fracking boom, they now occur with alarming frequency.

The energy from an earthquake like this travels far and wide, and can be detected all over the planet. Here in Maine, some 1,600 miles from Oklahoma, this week’s frack-quake (audible at 00:43) registers on the seismometer as a tiny but noticeable snap that briefly pops up from behind the Earth’s soothing background russsh, generated by wind-driven waves far out at sea.

Listen also for the sounds of a handful of more distant natural earthquakes in Iceland (01:07 and 02:53), Indonesia (02:37), and the Caribbean (04:40).

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Here are some highlights of what we heard here this week:

Off Coast of Central America (magnitude 4.7; 2,564 miles away) more info→
Oklahoma (4.1; 1,624 miles) more info→
Iceland (5.4; 2,359 miles) more info→
Southern Sumatera, Indonesia (5.6; 9,577 miles) more info→
Iceland (5.3; 2,344 miles) more info→
Leeward Islands (5.6; 2,019 miles) more info→
Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan (5.9; 6,506 miles) more info→
What else was going on this week:

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