Week 2014.44 (November 2-8) ~ A Nevada swarm


An early winter storm took many of us by surprise early this week, dumping several feet of snow in some areas and leaving thousands without electricity for days. (I lost my Internet service for almost two weeks, which has resulted in the unavoidable delay of recent episodes of this podcast.)

In the first minute of this week’s podcast listen as the roar of the approaching storm reaches a crescendo as it stirs up deep ocean waves in the North Atlantic. Through the din you can still make out the sound of a few distant earthquakes. Of particular note are two earthquakes in northwest Nevada, an area that has seen a marked increase in seismic activity in recent weeks. The Nevada Seismological Laboratory notes that this earthquake “swarm” resembles others in the past that eventually resulted in damaging earthquakes. We will just have to wait, watch, and listen to see what happens next.

'Why I lost my Internet service

Why I lost my Internet service.

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Here are some highlights of what we heard here this week:

Iceland (magnitude 5.2; 2,368 miles away) more info→
Nevada (4.6; 2,578 miles) more info→
Southeastern Alaska (4.6; 2,947 miles) more info→
Nevada (4.5; 2,580 miles) more info→
Northern Sumatera, Indonesia (5.7; 8,905 miles) more info→
New Britain region, P.N.G. (6.6; 9,043 miles) more info→
Nevada (4.1; 2,577 miles) more info→
Iceland (5.2; 2,350 miles) more info→
What else was going on this week:

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