Week 2014.41 (October 12-18) ~ Central America sways Maine


The sounds of Earth this week were dominated by a major earthquake that occurred off the west coast of Central America during the early morning hours of October 14. The quake caused some damage in El Salvador and killed at least one person there. It also triggered an ocean-wide alert from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Fortunately, no tsunamis were actually generated and no alerts were issued.

Although the earthquake wasn’t felt here in Maine, it did leave us a remarkable calling card: for several minutes shortly after midnight this cozy neighborhood of Pigeon Hill — in fact, the entire northeastern United States — swayed up and down by about a quarter of an inch as the earthquake’s powerful seismic surface waves swept in from the southwest. After the initial boom of the earthquake at 01:44, listen to the gradually fading tail of sound that follows for about another eight seconds, as the Earth continues to echo and ripple for some four hours afterwards.

A magnified view of how the ground moved here at Pigeon Hill following the earthquake in Central America on 14 October

A magnified view of how the ground moved here at Pigeon Hill shortly after midnight on 14 October as a result of the earthquake in Central America. The trace starts about 7 minutes past midnight, local time (EDT). Maximum peak-to-peak ground displacement was about 1/4 inch.

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Here are some highlights of what we heard here this week:

Reykjanes Ridge (magnitude 4.8; 1,717 miles away) more info→
Reykjanes Ridge (5.2; 1,719 miles) more info→
Off W. Coast of S. Island, N.Z. (5.4; 9,937 miles) more info→
Southern Peru (5.4; 4,184 miles) more info→
Off Coast of Nicaragua & El Salvador (7.3; 2,538 miles) See comments above. more info→
South of Kermadec Islands (6.1; 8,931 miles) more info→
Iceland (5.1; 2,335 miles) more info→
Iran-Iraq Border region (5.5; 5,777 miles) more info→
Iceland (5.0; 2,361 miles) more info→
What else was going on this week:

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