Week 2014.30 (July 27-August 2) ~ Fracking madness


The sounds this week were dominated by the effects of a storm that passed through our area and up into the Maritime provinces of Canada. Through the din of the storm-generated oceanic background noise we could hear just a handful of earthquakes from around the world.

But even during this noisy week here in Maine, we could hear once again the disturbing consequences of oil and gas exploration in the central US. At 01:41, listen for the slap of an earthquake in Oklahoma, caused by the injection deep underground of toxic wastewater from oil and gas production operations. Earthquakes in this part of Oklahoma used to be rare events. Sadly, these human-caused quakes now pepper the otherwise pristine subterranean soundscape with unnatural frequency — the sound of a world economy gone mad.

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Here is what we heard here this week:

Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (magnitude 5.6; 1,927 miles distant)
New Guinea, Papua New Guinea (5.8; 9,253 miles)
Oklahoma (4.0; 1,670 miles)
Oaxaca, Mexico (6.3; 2,466 miles)
Bismarck Sea (5.8; 8,948 miles)
Solomon Islands (5.7; 8,844 miles)
Andaman Islands, India (5.8; 8,393 miles)
Northern Algeria (5.6; 3,657 miles)
What else was going on this week:

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