Week 2014.26 (June 29-July 5) ~ Ex-hurricane Arthur


It was another busy week on Earth, with more than a dozen earthquakes audible here from far and wide: from the far northern latitudes of the Bering Sea, from the Southern Ocean near Antarctica, and from points in between.

This week’s program is dominated not by earthquakes, however, but by the sounds of our first tropical visitor of the season, ex-hurricane Arthur. Towards the end of the program (04:45), listen to the intensifying sound of the oceanic background noise as Arthur makes his way up the east coast of the United States. Arthur sent heavy surf crashing along hundreds of miles of coastline, while far offshore the weight of twenty-foot ocean storm waves set the ocean floor vibrating under their heavy undulating load. These effects combined to create a rich cacophony of acoustic vibrations.

The storm raged for hours here on the surface, sending tree limbs crashing down and leaving thousands of us without power. But even during the height of the storm, there were deeper forces making themselves known. Listen at 05:10 for the whoop of a distant earthquake in Indonesia (magnitude 6.0). No storm on the surface is powerful enough to mask these sounds of the deep.

Here is a summary of the earthquakes that you can hear this week:

Eastern Arizona (magnitude 5.2; 2,363 miles away)
near the Volcano Islands, midway between Guam and Japan (magnitude 6.2; 7,327 miles away)
near the South Sandwich Islands, in the South Atlantic Ocean (magnitude 6.9; 7,344 miles away)
near the South Sandwich Islands, in the South Atlantic Ocean (magnitude 5.7; 7,343 miles away)
Samoa (magnitude 6.4; 7,832 miles away)
Tonga (magnitude 6.7; 7,855 miles away)
North Of Ascension Island, right on the equator smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (magnitude 5.8; 4,389 miles away)
near the Balleny Islands, in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica (magnitude 5.4; 10,418 miles away)
in the Bering Sea, near the Komandorsky Islands (magnitude 5.8; 4,848 miles away)
in the Bering Sea, near the Komandorsky Islands (magnitude 5.9; 4,852 miles away)
Kermadec Islands (magnitude 6.3; 8,590 miles away)
near New Britain, papua New Guinea (magnitude 6.6; 8,872 miles away)
Sumatra, Indonesia (magnitude 6.0; 9,127 miles away)
What else was going on this week:

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