Week 2014.22 (June 1-7) ~ A planetary echo chamber


Among this week’s notable sounds are the seismic waves from an earthquake in Alaska (magnitude 5.7, at about 02:49 in this program). Notice that it takes several seconds for its sounds to trail off and disappear into the background ambiance of the Earth. Keep in mind that each second of listening time is equivalent to 30 minutes of real Earth time — which means that these seismic waves actually echoed and scattered across the Rocky Mountains and the entire crust of North America for a couple of hours before finally fading away. It’s a simple demonstration of the planet’s marvelous effectiveness as a natural echo chamber.

Here are most of the earthquakes that were audible here in Maine this week. A few you’ll notice without any trouble. To hear the others, you’ll probably need headphones.

  • North Indian Ocean (magnitude 5.6, at approximately 00:22 in this program)
  • Guatemala (4.5, 00:54)
  • Strait of Gibraltar (4.5, 01:03)
  • Fiji Islands region (5.0, 02:18)
  • Southeastern Alaska (5.7, 02:49)
  • Southern Italy (4.1, 03:07)
  • Southern Yukon Territory, Canada (4.9 and 5.0; two earthquakes in quick succession at about 03:23)
  • Easter Island region (5.7, 03:48)
  • Samoa Islands region (4.9, 04:48)
  • Northern Alaska (5.5, 04:58)
  • Kuril Islands (5.6, 05:15)
What else was going on this week:

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